Transmission Flush in Puyallup, WA

Your transmission gears require a lot of fluid to make sure they are properly cooled and lubricated so they can deliver power from your engine to the drive wheels. As you use your transmission, this fluid eventually gets dirty and needs to be replaced. At A-Plus Transmission, our transmission flush services remove the old fluid, clean the tubes that deliver the fluid to the proper areas, and add fresh transmission fluid into your vehicle.

Transmission flushes are required on a regular basis to make sure you prevent premature wear that can cause expensive damage to your transmission. Our team is ready to flush transmissions for customers living throughout the communities of Puyallup, Graham, Spanaway, Tacoma, and Orting, Washington.

Transmission Flushes for Automatics & Manuals

Remove the old, grimy transmission fluid from your vehicle to ensure your car or truck continues to run smoothly for a long time to come. Our transmission flushes make sure that all of your old fluid is removed, as well as any grime or sludge that has built up over time.

We employ specially designed equipment to make sure each step of the process is most effective. Once we know that your transmission is clean, we'll add new transmission fluid so that all of the parts remain properly lubricated.

Changing your transmission fluid at the correct intervals is just as important as getting an oil change for your engine. The longer you go past the required time for maintenance the bigger the risk of an expensive repair in the future. Don't delay having a transmission flush on your car.

Working on an Engine in Puyallup, WA

Save Money When We Flush Transmissions

While this maintenance service is always affordable, our shop is always looking for ways to help our customers save as much money as possible. That is why we are pleased to announce our current discount designed specifically for people who need to have their transmissions flushed.

Currently, customers who need to flush their transmissions will receive 15% off of the entire transmission flush service. This great deal makes it that much more affordable for you to get your automatic or manual transmission professionally flushed.

Contact us when you need to remove all of the buildup from your transmission. Our transmission flush services are available to customers living throughout the communities of Puyallup, Graham, Spanaway, Tacoma, and Orting, Washington.